GLOBAL-PRESS, sheet metal forming systems.

In this article we present another key partner for the success achieved in these years of activity.

GLOBALPRESS was founded in 1999, on the initiative of entrepreneurs who have been active for a long time in the sheet metal working sector, to create products for companies operating in the stamping, deep drawing, blanking and all other similar processes.

The commitment of GLOBALPRESS is to study, develop and supply sheet metal forming accessories to be integrated with existing production systems.

All products can be made to specific user requirements.

GLOBALPRESS offers a complete range of products and accessories designed and manufactured for the purpose of:

Improve product quality.
Reduce production times
Optimise productivity

Operating in a sector in continuous and rapid evolution such as sheet metal processing, GLOBALPRESS is constantly engaged in the development of products that are always integrated with the latest production systems.


Idle roller lubrication systems.
Lubrication systems with motorized rollers, to be inserted in press feeding lines, both manual and automatic, for the application of the lubricant on sheets with a square profile or in discs.
Roller lubrication systems can be equipped with:
gravitational gravity gravity tanks
pressure tanks
tanks with pneumatic pumps
tanks with electric pumps.
SPRAY jet lubrication systems.
Minimised jet lubrication systems for micro-lubrication.
Conveyor belts for the evacuation of punched parts, machining scraps and finished parts.
Conveyor belts for translation.
Universal conveyor belts for machine edge.
Special conveyor belts made to user specifications.
Idler and motorised roller conveyors.
Pneumatic or hydraulic driven scrap cutters.
Mould change systems consisting of hydraulic or pneumatic bars and external idle roller brackets.
Vibration dampers for presses, hammers, shears and other machinery.
Automatic machines for cutting and welding between head and tail of metal strips (coils).

GLOBALPRESS also offers a complete series of “SERVICES” including “HAND KEYS” supply of complete production lines for the production of sheet metal parts and a TECHNICAL CONSULTANCY service.


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